NWA LeaderCon

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There is a war for talent taking
place on a global scale, and the
future belongs to forward-thinking
organizations that are focused on
creating and sustaining a dynamic 
and compelling workplace culture. 

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Keynote Speaker Eric Chester, 
The Leading Voice on Employee
Engagement & Workplace Culture

The heart of her work is teaching people
how small changes in their thoughts,
habits, and actions can bring about
big changes in their lives.  
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Breakout Speaker Kim Hodous, 
Get Results Not Resistance
with FULL OUT Leadership

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Why should I attend?

The NWA LeaderCon is a regional conference that provides a local opportunity for professional development for individuals and/or corporate teams in order to facilitate connections with like professionals, while recognizing outstanding leaders throughout NWA.

The target market for the NWA LeaderCon Business Leadership Conference is individuals and corporate teams seeking professional development. This conference provides varied career development tracks and caters to professionals at all levels. This is a great way to reward your best employees, train future leaders, encourage professionalism, and to gain valuable knowledge to implement within your organization.


What is offered at the conference?

  • Captivating Speakers & Session Leaders
  • Professional Workforce Development 
  • Networking with area Business Leaders

We are excited to have Eric Chester as this year's keynote speaker. Since 1998, Eric Chester has been the leading voice in attracting, managing, motivating, and retaining the emerging workforce.