Michael Brown

Track: Leader Worth Following

Session: The Art of Effective Relational Leadership

Relationships essentially make us leaders. Relationships can increase our influence. Relationships can also destroy our influence. Relationships can improve our productivity. Relationships can also dilute our productivity.

When we consistently complete tasks well over time, we can become leaders. Now we need to keep getting work done, while becoming a leader worth following. We know that getting tasks done doesn’t mean the rest of the team is going to be engaged to get tasks done with you.

Now, we need to continue getting great work done while becoming a leader worth following. This breakout session will help you discover how to find your leadership voice to be a leader worth following.

The 45-minute session will provide a proven leadership perspective that focuses on healthy relationships, clear communication and leveraging your strengths to be a leader worth following.

Michael Brown is a husband, father, leadership practitioner, entrepreneur, and church planter. Michael has extensive experience coaching, training, facilitating and developing leadership programs for some of the world’s largest organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. Michael is a certified TotalSDI Facilitator and DiSC Certified.

Michael has delivered customized leadership training programs, high potential leadership programs, and coaching for senior level leadership in retail, finance, tech, healthcare, logistics, and non-profit organizations. Michael also launched Thrive Christian Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In his spare time, he makes divots in fairways, tries to fly fish, mountain bikes and coaches his kids’ U8 and U12 world championship soccer teams. Okay, they might not be world champions yet.